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                Dedicated to the memory of  Darren D. Parker ~ 9 September 1972 ~ 23 May 2002
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Wes' next single,

I Feel Like A Nickel (in a world that takes dimes)

will be hitting the airwaves in the next few days  - some are saying
 it will be it will be his biggest hit to date!


Now being played around the world - WESLEY PARKER'S


From Japan to Denmark the reviews have been astounding - - - it looks like Ode to Tijuana is "hit bound" - chalk up another in a string of Top 10's - - - thank you for your support!!!


A Woman Won't Share Her Man's Love
The follow up to  Clan O' Cougar Mountain this latest release from Wes' Be A Doer CD went immediately to the top of play lists around the world and is trending in the same direction as his chart topping Clan O' Cougar Mountain - - - available for download at i-Tune, CD Baby and Amazon world wide!


Clan O' Cougar Mountain goes #1!!!

Wes' release of Clan O' Cougar Mountain is TOPPING THE CHARTS!

#1 in The Netherlands
#1 in the United Kingdom
#1 in Denmark
#5 in Sweden
#7 in France

And #2 on the European Country Music Association's Top 100 Chart!!!


                                  Now receiving air play in 27 nations around the world!


Direct "in country" distribution has now been successfully stocked and Wesley's Now and Then CD is rapidly available in Australia and surrounding territories through Roolen Music (ABN 45 496 775 236).

If  you live in any other nation and would like to receive your copy, please click on the "online store" tab (bottom line of the navigation menu above left) and purchase from our site store.  Thank you!


Now and Then includes Top 10 Hits
* Rusty Warner
  * What I Was * Montana Sky
* Send Some Rain * What Love Can Do along with six other Wesley Parker originals.


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Your contact person is Clem Rook.



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              Wesley Parker Now and Then

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                                                On December 1 two songs were released to global markets. 

       Good Ol' Good Times and My Journey Home can be listened to on the following players:


Good Ol' Good Times   - Goes Top 10 on Hot Disc international Top 40 Chart

My Journey Home - Goes to #3 on Hot Disc international Top 20 Christian Chart


        The one and only .  .  .DECLAN O'CALLAGHAN
recorded from broadcast on     
        Hot-FM-1067   SIDNEY, AUSTRALIA
  on 22 September 2012      



 AVAILABLE NOW in our online store:


                                                               Wesley Parker Now and Then
                                       We mail to anywhere in the world!

Beautifully packaged with four sides of brilliant four color high gloss graphics that include a brief history of the artist and songs as well as credits for where each song was recorded, who engineered and who produced each session.

Now and Then CD includes several of Wes' past chart topping songs including Rusty Warner, Have Someone To Love, Montana Sky, What Love Can Do and What I Was along with White Lines North, Fugitive From Broken Dreams, Her Heart Got In The Way, I'll Take You There Again, Send Some Rain and She Deserves A Rainbow, some of which are scheduled for release as singles in the coming months.

Whether you have only recently discovered the talents of Wesley Parker and his prolific writing and style - or have been a fan from the beginning - the Now and Then CD is a must for  your musical collection.

Individual track or full CD downloads are available through Itune, CD Baby, Amazon, Rhapsody and 24/7.

Whether your purchase is for your self or a gift for someone else autographed purchase can be requested by sending your name, order number/invoice number along with who you would like your purchase signed for to:  Shipments will normally leave our order fulfillment center withing 48 hours of receipt.  Autographed copies may require a few days longer for Wesley Parker to be available for signing.

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Another Day O' Loving You

On  August 1, 2012 stations around the world began airing the latest Wesley Parker release:
Air play around the world made Another Day O' Loving You the most listened to release to date.  Debuting at #12 the song rose to #7, then #6 and finally to #5 and as of 2 September 2012 it remains at #10 on the Hot Disc international Top 40 chart
Press the play arrow to listen now:                                        

                                            (c) (P)  2012 Maingrove Music, BMI and Maingrove Enterprises Publishing, PRS
                                                                        Words and music:  Wesley Parker


Sun come a'shinin' through a crack in the curtain:
Chased out darkness, put an end to my dreams.
'Made it to the kitchen, poured a cup of coffee,
It's another day in paradise, I wonder what it's gonna bring.


I could stand in the sunshine, or I could walk in a rain storm,
Whatever life hands me I'm gonna make it through.
'Cause I've got something that I really do believe in,
Now another day in paradise
s'Another Day O' Loving You


Then come the night time, there on the sofa:
Pop corn and a movie, settin' side by side.
It don't take too much, just a smile and a soft touch
For you to turn a moment into a fire.


I could stand in the sunshine, or I could walk in a rain storm,
Whatever life hands me I'm gonna make it through.
'Cause I've got something that I really do believe in,
Now another day in paradise
s'Another Day O' Loving You


I could stand in the sunshine, I could walk in a rain storm,
Whatever life hands me I'm gonna make it through.
'Cause I've got something that I really do believe in,
Now another day in paradise
s'Another Day O' Loving You



On June 1, 2012 Wesley Parker's latest single, What I Was, was released to some 800 secular stations with a coinciding release to approximately 500 Christian stations in 18 nations around the world.  It was received with amazing reception: 

UPDATE:  What I Was peaked at #2 on the secular charts and spent 3 weeks at #1 on the Christian charts!!!!

                        Scroll Down to listen to the mp3 of What I Was




What I Was is a song that was born from the 7 years of darkness in my life that was experienced after losing our son to cancer.  Darren was one of my best friends and one of my "few" heroes in this life.  He is loved and missed every day of life by his sister, mother, myself and all those who were blessed to have had him in their life.

In those days of darkness and "drifting on life's ocean" I never dreamed that music would ever again find its way into my life.  Even further from that dream was the thought that I would ever again find myself in a vocal booth putting songs of life on CDs and mp3's for release again:  But God has His own ways and desires for each of our lives.

I still don't know what God is doing in my life, sometimes none of it seems to make sense to me - maybe you feel the same - but this much I do know:  I can now say that"when the sun comes with each new day it shines on all I'm thankful of " .

                                                                                              What I Was
(c) (p) 2012 Maingrove Music, BMI
Words and music:  W. Parker

Verse 1:
I was drifting on life's ocean, turned by tides; torn by gales.
Always searching, never finding:  Lost and alone - that's What I Was.
Verse 2:
Then I saw your light shinin' through the storm on cliffs above.
From the sea to the harbor, you carried me in your arms of love.
Now, when the sun comes with each new day
It shines on all I'm thankful of.
And I know if I never found you, I'd still be just What I Was.
Verse 3:
Now, in the night through the darkness when your voice so soft and low
Tells me you're never gonna leave I hear all I need to know.
And when the sun comes with each new day
It shines on all I'm thankful of.
And I know if I never found you, I'd still be just What I Was.
When you wrapped your love around me
You rescued me from What I Was.

                        Attention Radio Presenters, Producers and DJ's

* For a personalized Wesley Parker sound bite that includes your station call letters, location and/or on-air radio personality please submit your request along with the information you desire to be included in your sound bite to:
         Someone from promotions will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible to confirm your request.

             *  If you would like to arrange either a live or pre-taped interview with Wesley Parker please contact
                                        Mr. Martin Chambers at:


Released on 1 April 2012, What Love Can Do  the fifth single from the forthcoming Wesley Parker Now and Then CD  entered the chart the first week at #12 and peaked at #4. 
                                         What Love Can Do

I wrote What Love Can Do on a paper bag (all I could find to write on)  while driving down the road on the way to an appearance one after- noon, the same as I had written many of my songs.

The inspiration came from the loss of a close cousin whose life was cut short by an automobile accident a month earlier:  As my thoughts recalled her life and the husband and children that she left behind I realized that her love still remained, and that once past the tears of loss, the presence of her love would bring peace and warmth once again to those whose lives had been so devastated by her parting.

Love does not leave, it only takes on a different form of presence, a form free of physical senses:  A form that makes love totally pure.

Years later, after the unfortunate loss of our son, What Love Can Do took on a new meaning to me and became even more real in the truth that "love never dies".

From the comfort of a mother's lullaby, through the tears of joyful reunions of parted loved ones to our final earthly good-bye, love lives on; and it's through that living on that I truly have come to know What Love Can Do.  It is that knowledge that, through it all, gives me warmth and light when the world seems so cold and dark.


                                         What Love Can Do
                                                                                            (p)  Maingrove Music, BMI
                                                                                   Mangrove Enterprises Publishing, PRS
                                                                               Edward Kassner Associate Publishing, LTD
                                                                                            Words and music:  W. Parker

Verse 1:
When I heard my mother's lullaby softly calm her baby's cry
I heard What Love Can Do.
Through the years that rolled along she tried to teach me right from wrong
I learned what love should do.

Verse 2:
On the day I took a wife at the alter side-by-side
We vowed what love will do.
In the spring we prayed for rain:  God blessed the farm with golden grain,
We found What Love Can Do

Through the tears that burned my eyes grew a faith that glows inside
And I know What Love Can Do.
It's like a candle in the night:  Gives me warmth it gives me light,
And I know What Love Can Do.

Verse 3:
War bound I said good-bye, saw the fear in mama's eyes,
'Said, "His love will see me through".
When I came home again, and I watched her tears begin
I found What Love Can Do.

(instrumental turn around)

Through the tears that burned my eyes grew a faith that glows inside
And I know What Love Can Do.
It's like a candle in the night:  Gives me warmth it gives me light,
And I know What Love Can Do.

Verse 4:
When my work on earth is done and I'm walking with the Son
His love will stay with you.
Oh, love is like a song:  Learn the Word and sing along
And you'll learn What Love Can Do.

His love is like a song:  Learn the Word and sing along
And you'll learn What Love Can Do.

(fade ad. lib.)


Montana Sky

Montana Sky's debut at #6 in Top 40 Count-down 2/12/12
 and peaked at #3 on 3/4/12

I was driving across America from Pennsylvania on my way to California one time and it was while traveling through the beautiful state of Montana that the cumulus clouds just seemed to be dragging across the land before me.  You truly did feel like you could "touch them" , they appeared to be so low and close.

As is the case with many of my songs that image from the past came to the fore in metaphoric form when I started to write the lyrics to Montana Sky.  The song reflects on a down-and-outer telling of his brokenness to his fellow com padres as he tried to drown his pain.

From the "morning red skies in his eyes"  to the "breeze before the rain" the song takes the clouds in the Montana Sky into the reality that many times - "life just aint what ya though it'd be"  - and eventually those clouds just roll out of sight.

Originally scheduled for release on January 1, the distribution of Montana Sky was delayed due to the continued chart activity of Rusty Warner.  Rusty Warner hit the air on 1 November and is currently still on various  international charts and ranking anywhere from being well within the top 40 to the top 20 in placements.

Now scheduled for release internationally on February 1, several "select" stations have already received a "pre-release" review via mp3 file and the response has been amazing.  Thank each of you so much!

                                                Montana Sky
                                              (c) (p) Maingrove Music BMI and Maingrove Enterprises Publishing PRS
                                                                              Words and Music:  W. Parker


Verse 1:
I swore there'd be tears or trouble, 'cause it looked like morning red skies in his eyes.
And those Jack Daniel doubles were bound to make him want to fight or cry.
His voice got a shaky as a new born pony the first time it tries to stand:
He downed another double Daniel then said "Boys, I think this ol' boy' s'been had

Chorus 1:
She's like a cloud in the Montana Sky.
Oh, you'd swear that you could touch it, but it'd do no good to try.
And I thought my love could hold her but that wind got in her mind
And set her heart on a roll like a cloud in that old Montana Sky"

Verse 2:
He said, "Now, some hearts get lucky and others always seem to take the breaks.
And losing that woman s'about one more break than this ol' heart can take.
So if there's one fool among you be wise enough to learn from my mistake, hear what I say:
If she wraps her love around you it'll only be the breeze before the rain"

Chorus 2:
She's like a cloud in the Montana Sky.
Oh, you'd swear that you could touch it, but it'd do no good to try.
And there's no love that can hold her once that wind gets in her mind
She'll be gone on a roll like a cloud in that old Montana Sky.

Until she's rolled outta sight, like a cloud in that old Montana Sky.


Rusty Warner

On November first Rusty Warner was released to radio stations in 18 nations.  Rusty Warner is the third release from the forth coming CD The Best Of Wes.  All of the tracks from the Best Of Wes will soon be available in our our on-line store as well as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and CD Baby for purchase by the track or full CD via download or disc.

Rusty Warner peaked at #6 on November 27, 2011 where it stayed for two weeks.  Rusty Warner remained in the Top 40 for 13 weeks.

(p) Boll Weevil Publishing
Words and Music:  W. Parker

                                      I don't remember when I didn't know Rusty Warner, and I don't remember when Rusty wasn't old.
                                      I spent my youthful years with Rusty Warner and he'd buy me candy at the five and ten cent store.
                                      Most kids had no time for Grandpa Rusty, but friends like him, well, they came far and few.
                                      He use to let me win playing checkers, and he'd always be there waiting after school.
                                      And he talked of times when horses pulled the buggies and I never saw his top button undone.
                                      And I'd listen while he talked about life and living; then I'd hear him sing that song he'd always sung.

                                      CHORUS:   From a young boy skipping stones across the pond to an old man pitching horse shoes on the lawn;
                                                            From the grapes in the vineyard to the wine:  The secret of the vintage is the time.

                                      The summers past and my youth left with the autumn and it must have hurt for him to watch me grow,
                                      'cause I was the only one who loved his stories:  The only one who kept him from the cold.
                                      They say he'd wait each day down by the school yard until the kids were all gone then he'd walk home alone.
                                       No one had much time for Rusty Warner, he was just that "old man" standing all alone.


                                       Rusty made last Tuesday's Evening Herald, that only happened two times in his life.
                                       The first was on the day that he was born and the last was on the evening that he died.
                                       Setting here now I can see old Rusty Warner, and I can see a small young boy  just settin' by his side.
                                       We're playing checkers and he laughs each time I beat him; I close my eyes but that don't stop the crying.
                                        I can't remember when I stopped seeing old Rusty, and I don't recall when seeing him begun,
                                        But in my mind right now I can hear that old man a'singin' the words to that song that he'd always sung.


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                                                                              Frank L. Parker
                                                                                                            1892 - 1970

 His real name wasn't Rusty Warner, it was Frank Lemuel Parker; and he wasn't a perfect person.  He grew up in a time when life in
 America was hard and like all of us he too had his flaws.  Funny thing about grand kids though - they never see those flaws,
 they just see "grandma" or "grandpa", two special people who grant a different kind of love and allowance than our parents do.

The picture above was taken just about one year after Grandma Addie - his wife - died and it was taken on the lawn of the farm
 that he, she and my dad, Donald Lemuel Parker homesteaded some 13 miles west of the small town of Nyssa, Oregon.  I am the eight month old baby "Rusty" is holding in his arms, I'm  the youngest of the five siblings in this photo and unlike the others, I never knew my grandmother on dad's side of the family.

Mom and dad had already left the homestead when this picture was taken but we returned to live there about 5 years later and
dad worked the ground of the farm for another three years before we moved to California and it is from those California days that the memories spoke of in Rusty Warner grew.

We were straight from the farm and its "dirt" was all over our "poor" when we arrived in the town of Sunnyvale at the south-west
end of the San Francisco bay.  One of the many things that has always stood out in my mind from those times were the rides
we would take as a family around the area to "see the sights" and on a few of those excursions dad would drive us up to the
wine country of Sonoma County just north of San Francisco.

The images of those vineyards stretching out for what seemed to be miles and the thought of how all those grapes were going to end up wine one day always stuck in my mind for some reason:  Something about the beginning and the fulfilling of purpose and the arrival at destiny seemed to become metaphoric with them in my mind.

 Being the youngest there were times when the only person I had to spend time with was Grandpa and conversely, being the
 oldest sometimes the only one around for him was me.  The times we shared together were "life-long special" -  and though
 the "summers past and my  youth left with the autumn" the friendship we formed and the memories we shared never faded.
 In fact they come alive all over again each time I sing Rusty Warner.

Just as those grapes, life has its beginning and ending as well.  Something I've learned from life is that it is only the ones who can make you smile who can make you cry; and only those who have added fulness to your life can leave emptiness when they are gone.  In time, just as vines grow over an untrodden path so too life covers the wounds of loss.  Still, even today when I sing Rusty Warner the awareness of how swiftly time and life pass us by is present in my mind as my thoughts go back to those days before his life's autumn ever arrived and the years before the winter winds of life gently picked him up and carried "Grandpa Rusty" home.



With the release of Two A.M. in May of 2011 Wesley Parker returned to the airwaves throughout the United Kingdom.  His first single in well over a decade, the song was immediately embraced and a whole new generation of listeners began being introduced to the songs and style of this congenial and talented singer, songwriter and entertainer. 


On August 28, 2011 Have Someone To Love (track #4 on his forthcoming CD entitled The Best Of Wes) was distributed to radio stations throughout Australia and the United Kingdom, Scandinavian and European nations.  The song peaked at #21 on the international Hot Disc Top 40 Chart.   

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